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This version is BETA but really works. New features will be progressively added. Help me to support that project. Add your comments below and Consult also the list of all donors.

Poladroid is not a trademark of Polaroid Corp. It's just a software which reproduces Polaroid Rendering. How do I print a poladroid in the original size? I tried developing them but they all come out in 4 x6 so the polaroid gets croppe. I've got problems with saving my photoes! Too bad, because the pics are really great. Sorry but I'm french.

I've gto a problem with Poladroid, I've downloaded it on my computer windows xp and when I develop the picture I've got a white screen there is nothing on it So happy to find this software, I am clearly going to spend my whole weekend on this now! Its a problem to me. Great Idea to share I would really love to experience this one also let others know about Foto ci 185 yahoo dating ultimate facility.

Paul, you reading bro? Your comments are filled with spam I understand it should Foto ci 185 yahoo dating commercially rewarding for you too. A good software app for photographers and a good tool for newbie and wannabee too! It would be cool if you could pin the photos to your desktop after they come out.

I'd like to keep my Foto ci 185 yahoo dating polaroids as my background even after you close poladroid because they look good all scattered around! Where exactly in Quezon City, Phil. I love how these pictures turn out! You could make an option to save with this template.

I so crazy about polaroid stuff. I've downloaded this and having a whole lot of fun now. The program is really great and wonderful. A Million thanks to you guys!! But what do you do when your cartridge is empty? It's said to re-activate I closed the windows down and tried it again, but it kept on giving me an "error-Impossible to save preferences!!!

Can anybody help me? By the way there are no photo apps for BB Storm.

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