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The "Movimiento reformista yahoo dating" Green Movement Persian: Green was initially used as the symbol of Mir Hossein Mousavi 's campaign, but after the election it became the symbol of unity and hope for those asking for annulment of what they regarded as a fraudulent election.

Some have claimed that Green Movement protests were a major event in Iran's modern political history and observers claimed that protests were the largest since the Iranian Revolution of — The office of the President in Iran is considered the second powerful position in the country as it is granted significant power.

SinceIran was led by Conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who served as Tehran mayor before being elected as President. The list of these violations included the increased level of death penalty and problems with LGBT rights. According to the Human Rights Watch, "basic human rights protection Movimiento reformista yahoo dating Iran has deteriorated to new lows" under Ahmadinejad's first presidency as, for example, the number of executions increased by three times.

During the first presidency of Ahmadinejad, the problem was particularly severe with juvenile death penalty since more than juvenile offenders were sentenced to death in Iran as of Other problems with human rights involved the absence of basic protection of LGBT rights as the number of criminal convictions for homosexual sex increased during the period Movimiento reformista yahoo dating andwhile the President even denied the existence of gay people in Iran.

Because of the issues with human rights and other problems, such as the alleged voting fraud, Ahmadinejad's popularity started to decline. It was especially relevant in urban areas, including the country's capital Tehran, and among the youth, according to The Guardian. Inthe Iranian government held a regular presidential election.

The election took place on June 12, and rapidly caused the significant controversy caused by the disagreement between the government and the opposition over the results of the election. Ahmadinejad was considered to be winning in a landslide, but Mousavi and his supporters believed the results were fraudulent.

They suggested that the Interior Minister Sadegh Mahsouli, an ally of Ahmadinejad, had interfered with the election and distorted the votes to keep Ahmadinejad in power. Mousavi claimed victory and called for his supporters to celebrate it. At the same time, the office of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad almost immediately announced that the sitting President had won the election as he had received approximately two-thirds of votes.

It sparked the — Iranian election protests, which were organized mostly by Mousavi's supporters and were directed against Ahmadinejad and the government in general.

Previously, he was revolutionarybecause everyone inside the system Movimiento reformista yahoo dating a revolutionary.

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But now he's a reformer. Now he knows Gandhi — before he knew only Che Guevara. If we gain power through aggression we would have to keep it through aggression. That is why we're having a green revolutiondefined by peace and democracy. Clashes broke out between police and groups protesting the election results from early morning on Saturday onward. Initially, the protests were largely peaceful. However, as time passed, they became increasingly violent.

In a stand-off that later took place in north Tehran between supporters of Ahmadinejad and Mousavi, an angry throng of people broke into shops, started fires, and tore down signs.

Up to 2, Mousavi supporters erected barricades of burning tyres and chanted "Mousavi take back our vote! The demonstrations grew bigger and more heated than the student protests.

Ynet reported on 14 June that two people had died in the rioting so far. On 15 June, Mousavi [31] rallied, with anywhere from hundreds of thousands [32] to three million, [33] of his supporters in Tehran, despite being warned by state "Movimiento reformista yahoo dating" that any such rally would be illegal.

The demonstration, the largest in the Islamic Republic of Iran's year history, was Mousavi's Movimiento reformista yahoo dating public appearance after the election.

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Protests focused around Azadi Toweraround which lines of people stretched for more than nine kilometers met. Gunshots were reported to have been fired at the rally, where Mousavi had spoken to his supporters saying, "The vote of the people is more important than Mousavi or any other person. Competing rallies for Mousavi and for Ahmadinejad took place on 16 June. The pro-Ahmadinejad protesters, chanting the phrases Movimiento reformista yahoo dating to America!

Reports from the state media and elsewhere stated on 16 June that seven people have died in all of the protests so far. Huffington Post reported that day that 32 people had died protesting so far.

On 14 Februarythe largest Green demonstrations in Iran in more than a year broke out. On the weekend of 13 and 14 June, in a series of raids across Tehranthe government arrested over people, according to police Movimiento reformista yahoo dating. Acting Police Chief Ahmad-Reza Radan stated via the state press service on the 14th that "in the interrogation of related rebels, we intend to find the link between the plotters and foreign media". On 16 June, Reuters reported that former vice-president Mohammad-Ali Abtahi and former presidential advisor Saeed Hajjarian had been arrested.

On 17 June, former foreign minister and secretary-general of the Freedom Movement of IranEbrahim Yazdiwas arrested while undergoing tests at Pars hospital in Tehran. Aaron Rhodesa spokesman for the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, stated that "Iranian intelligence and security forces are using the public protests to engage in what appears to be a major purge of reform-oriented individuals whose situations in detention could be life-threatening".

Mousavi and other reformist leaders are now working in peaceful and legal methods to widen "Movimiento reformista yahoo dating" influence of their reforms.

They have set up a new coalition named "The Green Path of Hope". Iranian political parties and movements need to be authorized by the Interior Ministry. Mousavi neither recognizes the current government as legitimate nor is likely to receive permission; so, the movement was named a "path" in Movimiento reformista yahoo dating to bypass this law.

The Green Path of Hope claims it seeks to continue protests against Ahmadinejad's presidency following lawful and peaceful methods, and the full execution of the constitution, as Mousavi says:. You can't follow some parts of the constitution and throw the rest into a bin. According to organization officials, the movement encompasses numerous political parties, NGO's and social networks. Mousavi emphasized that existent, autonom [56].

During the election, our mottos supported and remained in the framework of the constitution; today we are devoted to those slogans. We believe that if the people's demands were treated fairly, instead of being distorted by the media and linked to foreigners, and the government promoted truth by fair criticism, our mottos could satisfy the public.

The "Green Path" has six main members of the central council, who are connected to reformist parties, NGOs, and social networks. The main body will be ordinary protesters. The strategy is to connect existent pressures and issues in society in a social network, and to therefore lead protests in a lawful manner.

Where is my vote? The Iranian government, headed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadreleased results claiming a two-thirds majority. However, Mousavi had already claimed victory before the vote count was done [58] and supporters of Mousavi and Karroubi accused the government of rigging the votes.

In the aftermath of Movimiento reformista yahoo dating election, protests were widened and several massive protests were held around the country Movimiento reformista yahoo dating the people. The government arrested a large number of the protesters [59] and several were killed by the police and governmental militia forces. Although the Iranian government prohibited any form of gathering by opposition-supporters in Tehran and across the country, significantly slowed down internet access and censored any form of media agreeing with the opposition, hundreds of thousands of Iranians chanted this motto, defying the law and challenging the Islamic Republic.