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Are raven and adam still hookup after 6


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After Bachelor in Paradise, Adam...

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Wanna follow the sub on Twitter? Follow RedditBachelor for the latest twitter updates! We also have an Instagram too, bachelorreddit. No one knows what RS was implying before she started to talk about the scandal involved with Tia on that podcast. I listened to the podcast with Raven and Adam.

I listened to it late last night so I was kind of falling asleep so maybe I missed something, but what I heard was Raven basically just said there is a scandal on Becca's season? I didn't hear her mention the scandal had anything to do with Tia or a guy Tia was involved with? Did I miss something?

Ugh, you probably should listen again. When she said scandal, they mentioned Tia's name. And at the end of the podcast, the host said she wants to invite Tia to the podcast, they were talking about what kind of questions she should ask.

Adam said "ask her about a guy she never met in Are raven and adam still hookup after 6 life but was flown out to him one weekend" and "ask her about what happened at that weekend". Then Raven was giggling and said was this foreshadowing something.

And then they changed the topic. I think RS definitely must have gotten something wrong, unless we want to believe that not only would Becca keep someone around in this situation but that both Tia and Caroline would be lying about it. Also Caroline's instagram comment was in response to someone questioning Becca's character, right?

So it's not like she was motivated to defend Tia, like Tia would be. So if Tia and Caroline have different motivations but are saying the same thing But are they saying the same thing? Yes, Caroline is defending Becca, but in doing so didn't throw Tia under the bus. She just said, "You have bad information. Tia is defending herself, but she's saying Are raven and adam still hookup after 6 the same thing, "You don't know what you're talking about.

So their motivations are different, but they're both essentially saying that the information currently out there is not correct. I rarely pay attention to their private lives between seasons. To add this, the rumor started from a podcast with Adam and Raven. However, both Caroline and Tia hinted that the rumor is not entirely true. It was the Rosebuds podcast. Here's the link if you want to listen!

It says that podcast is from 6 months ago.

Almost a month after the...

Are you sure it's the right one? Sorry, I just don't want to Are raven and adam still hookup after 6 my time listening if it's an old one Oh I just looked for anyone else wondering At least you told us it was Rosebuds so that helped because I didn't know what podcast it was: I feel kind of bad for Tia.

If the rumors are true, she was flown out to meet this guy, hooked up with him, probably thought she was getting to know someone who could possibly be on her season of the Bachelorette And now he's supposedly in the top 9? She shouldn't have been doing that if he was going to be on her season. She's not some wilting flower, she knew what she was doing.

Which Season 5 couples are...

And also pretty sure shes not Beccas bff. Tia needs to back up- girl you aint the bachelorette get over it and let Becca have her moment. Seeing the word colleagues as the descriptor for Bachelor cast made me LOL for real.

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