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Why are stockings so sexy


Why does hosiery turn you on? Stockings, tights, pantyhose Men: Stockings, tights, pantyhose self. Several men expressed excitement on the rare occasion I Why are stockings so sexy dressed up and wore stockings or tights. I don't know why and they couldn't explain it either. It seems odd to me, it's an extra layer of clothing instead of my naked flesh so what's so sexy about seeing a woman in hosiery?

There's a theory in art that if you want to have a more sexual image you should include some small article of clothing rather than making a person completely naked.

So basically adding two different kinds of sexiness and having them work together rather than conflicting with Why are stockings so sexy other. Obviously if sexiness is the goal that doesn't mean cover up completely, it's more along the lines of covering up enough to keep a sense of suggestion. Stockings and tights are great for this; they're revealing in the sense that they're very form fitting but it's obviously still a fair bit of fabric.

I tried very hard to avoid using the word 'imagination' because I don't think it's about visualizing a particular ideal while the reality is covered up, more about the hint of the unknown. This post is on the right track.

There are a few aspects or ways to describe the phenomenon I can think of, some of which goes for lingerie in general:. Maybe you could get more specific answers if you ask why some guys do or don't like hose vs stockings, fishnets, spandex, latex, thigh high socks, etc.

You'll find preferences at least as wide as the options I bet. They're sort of forbidden; men don't really have a close equivalent so see them up close or touching can be a novel experience. I think this also works with Lingerie vs Bikinis. Both cover pretty much the same amount of skin, but bikinis are pretty Why are stockings so sexy anyway. I think it's mostly just association. Naked is natural, it's showering and getting changed.

It's not really sexy in and of itself unless the context makes it so in public, for example. Lingerie, stockings, stripper heels - they all make the absence of clothes more conspicuous.

You're being intentionally undressed rather than doing so in the course of your day-to-day. It's this, for me. There's sexiness there but there's also that little bit of teasing. Sexual tension gets us going better than sex does. Think of it like an accent. Like someone writing calligraphy puts extra lines on the page to add to the beauty of the word.

There's a musician by the name of Ken Ashcorp that actually dedicated a song to exactly what you're describing. My heterosexual male brain connects femininity with sexual attraction. The same goes for skirts, heels, pretty blouses etc.

I love how they look, but it also makes me think more highly of the woman. Like it's putting one more extra bit of effort and femininity into a world that's increasingly becoming more casual. It doesn't really have a purpose anymore, so when I see a woman wearing them, I know that they do it out of a love of femininity.

They almost give women a certain power. This puts well the Why are stockings so sexy I will sometimes wear them for special occasions at least. I don't sexualize it myself, but I was just thinking about how several guys have seen them on me and gotten more excited and said so.

Like it suddenly clicked. I don't know why, but recently month or two? It's like yoga pants: They're much more true to your actual figure, than jeans would show. I guess for us it enhances things. Its a sex enhancement. I can't spell the word for it lol. Everything with us is visual. For example a woman wearing tennis shoes is meh It initially began because heels affected the walk and stance of a person, placing extra focus on their thighs and butt. Heels' original purpose was to be worn by warriors on horseback, since the gap fits nicely with the dangly-thingy of a saddle where you put your feet in and provides some extra footing.

Yes, wikipedia confirms thisalso the dangly bits are apparently called stirrups. Also, butchers used to wear them to wade through blood and animal entrails more easily in ancient Egypt. That still doesn't change the fact that high heels change the posture of the person wearing them. Even men in high heels look great. It accentuates the butt and makes the legs look more toned, since for example it puts the calf in a contracted position.

There's a reason even body builders stand on the ball of the foot in the side chest position. It enhances Why are stockings so sexy physique. I'm saying though, that original purpose doesn't really mean much, especially when most people liking heels have no idea where they came from. So I offered a more visually digestible explanation. It's virtually the same as seeing a man in a uniform Why are stockings so sexy a suit the uniform of the corporate world - It's synonymous with power and authority.

Heels are sex by themselves, especially ones made to look the part.

Right, I suppose it's better...

It works on the whole leg. The same thing would happen if you showed them barefoot with their foot on the ground and Why are stockings so sexy on the ball of their foot. Asserting actual scientific reason, the heels tense the leg and the hindquarter region, lifting the rear and making it appear pert and ready for mating season.

I'm indifferent, except black ones. My Grandma always wore black ones so sometimes I think of that and it grosses me out. This whole thigh-high sock fad is weird too. You're completely covering up all that skin with something thick. It's not like it's tight leather pants or something.

Im a leg guy, so anything you do with your legs in 'dressing them up' gets me all excited: Emphasises your legs in a way that's really difficult to put into words. Also the unveiling of said legs when the item of clothing does come off.

Leg warmers look ridiculously cute on girls, more so if they're thigh high. Stockings are similar but more sexy Why are stockings so sexy cute there - and probably depends on rest of outfit of course. It might be along the same lines as girls liking the whole 'sleeves rolled up on a guy showing his forearms' thing that some girls seem to adore. It's similar to that? Your skin is still exposed but there's a barrier denying me what I want, all whilst being incredibly feminine.

Think about it as having a really good car that looks like shit and a really good car that looks really nice. Both Why are stockings so sexy the same just one looks better. As a leg man, I guess it's because they accentuate the form, whether through color, design, or texture.

That, and they tend to compress, making everything tighter, which appears more muscular. It gives that image of them rolling it up all gracefully in slow-motion. That's just me though. Also, I just automatically correlate it to lingerie.

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It's about aesthetic design. It draws attention to the legs and because it's not "naturally" there it creates a sort of Why are stockings so sexy line up and down the legs which can create an illusion of longer legs. Visual design principles aren't limited to pictures Why are stockings so sexy paintings. They can apply to the human body just as easily.

Think of it this way: It's entirely feminine and therefor way sexy. If you just google images 'stockings', you'll see most guy's wet dream. I'm a woman but I find stockings and the like pretty hot too. I guess mainly because it accentuates and highlights the legs and gives them a shapely look.

It is absolutely feminine. No other piece of clothing is ONLY woren by females than stockings, pantyhose, skirts and female shoes heels, flats, I m not sure but I suppose, if in a distant future, stockings would be an accepted, male clothing, a lot of its sex-appeal to men would vanish.

Male hosiery was a thing in some cultures but it was before women showed leg at all in those cultures. You have a point! Because it shows you know what you're doing when it comes to enticing men beyond just giving them a boner, it shows you know how have sex with their mind. Being sexy isn't just about tits and ass, it's about how you talk, how you walk, and how you think.

Do you feel like you...

It's all about attitude, and when you put on lingerie it means she's on a mission to treat your senses to a feast. It seems odd to me, it's an extra layer of clothing instead of my naked flesh so what's so sexy about seeing a woman in hosiery?

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