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Hamsexy whackers trading


New to Ham Radio? A recent experience at Hamsexy whackers trading all night endurance horse ride combined with past experiences at similar events; bicycle, foot, cross country foot races, walkathons, etc. Because cell phone communications are usually available in some places of the event route the ham becomes a service individual doing the work that the organizers people should be doing.

Keith KC8TCQ posted a great...

There is also the consideration that one ham can't do a lot compared to the 'official' capability but then again, the official capability may be limited by lack of planning, resources, or intent. The events are also more enjoyable for the Hamsexy whackers trading and if a couple of hams work together they can have a pleasurable Hamsexy whackers trading day' SHADOWING the event and in an emergency be instantly aware of the conditions and help if they desire.

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No more comments may be added. Don't hang around where you're not appreciated. It makes you look pathetic and desperate. Leave these marginal events completely dark.

Anything less and you're in the way causing problems for everyone. And as far as exclusivity goes that is the how those "Hamsexy whackers trading" work, you HAVE to be a member.

As the local RACES officer if Hamsexy whackers trading have been activated by the local government in an emergency and you are hanging around trying to shadow what my group is doing I will have you escorted off or arrested. Sort of like "stalking". If you're not needed or wanted, then don't slink around. Don't stalk the event.

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