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Do doctors ever fall in love with their patients


But why dissociate from myself or from those I care for? One day during med school I decided to break the rules, to celebrate my life without shame. And on that day I fell in love with myself and I gave myself permission to fall in love with my patients, to hug and kiss them, to sing and laugh with them, to look deep into their eyes, cry, and allow our tears to flow together.

His wife—unable to bear the pain of watching him die—left his side. Why is it unprofessional to love patients? After all, love is not easily measured or reimbursed.

Especially with our senior patients,...

Love is hard to control. Your email address will not be published. Especially with our senior patients, there is no medicine better than love.

Phama-therapies dull the senses but offer no emotional comfort. The weaker the family presence, the stronger mine. Love is the essence of the manifest universe, and the Do doctors ever fall in love with their patients of all healing. Clearly is not love the very motivation behind the Sun and the Stars, the plants and the waters of Mother Earth?

Our very own life is brought about by love, and more than just of the carnal variety! The very motivation of all union is the desire for the oneness that is our true being. Love is the province of all lovers, and all true healers are not more than simple lovers of humanity!

Truly love is what is missing in the halls of dead-world materialism and its fear-greed-medicine offspring. No morality or caring lives in those stark grounds where walking deadmen roam. In the Light of Life, Loves shines bright! Bring on the Love, sister Pamela!

Hi Pamela I like your blog site, especially the videos-I am still trying to fit myself into a medical scenario that works-you give me hope to keep listening to my heart, and not my fears….

I basically knew about nearly all of this, but that being said, I still thought it had been beneficial. I uncovered your publish looking on google for just this data.

Case Scenario

I practice holist advising with the students I serve. I find it very rewarding to the students and to me. A touch, smile, encouraging word, empowerment, positive expectations can make the difference between a student who gives up and one who takes control of their destiny.

I find building relationships are much more positive than just doing a job. Thank you for your affirmation of my values. You sound so very compassionate. I have a question and holy cow, my radar could w-a-a-a-y be off. A little butterfly there. Did that brighten my spirits EVER.

I like elbow room and trees. I fainted last week during my second treatment, that man had my head down below my heart within 2 seconds … lightning fast.

No to food and yes to stress, yes to near Do doctors ever fall in love with their patients low levels of potassium 2. He also admitted he actually read my intake forms. The man is probably 20 years younger than me. In the bigger picture … the injections are working. I am not screaming in my sleep and am walking without a limp for the first time in over 20 years. Professional boundaries in a patient relationship are critical. If he or you have something else in mind you both must be direct in communication and upfront about it because he could get in some trouble for crossing these lines with a patient.

Please be careful for your sake and his. And it clearly is, since day 1. I was so confused. I started feeling awkward and uncomfortable. He liked me until the day I was withdrawn.

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