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Last week, Judge Judy heard a case about two men who had met on Grindr. Judge Judy had never heard of Grindr, which gave the defendant the enviable opportunity to explain it to the chuckling courtroom.

After explaining it was an app for meeting other homosexual men, he Nsa urban dictionary he used it for making friends. Grindr, in its unfiltered GPS-based glory holepresents a wide spectrum of gay culture.

There is every shape, size, color, and age represented within its Cartesian geo-limits. While pre-Grindr, meeting gay men required a trip to the local gay bar, technology has allowed Nsa urban dictionary to come together no pun intended and — as Judge Judy stated — expand our horizons and understanding of one another. I have been on and off the application almost since its demonic yellow head was first birthed five years ago.

I think I am like most in that I will use it for a few weeks, then get fed up and delete it for several months, at Nsa urban dictionary point boredom and lack of dates will necessitate its return. Ostensibly embarrassed about their virtual activities, they were surreptitiously taking photos, arm outstretched holding a bulky digital camera in prehistoric selfies. In the modern gay selfie, the phone is almost always showing in the mirror.

This a decent way to judge compatibility — as a long time iPhone user, I would never date someone with a Galaxy or Droid. Men are naturally impulsive in their sexual desires, and two men together makes for a surplus of testosterone. The honest ones advertise this information in their profile, but then there are men looking to play on the sly. I was recently approached by a handsome guy who gave me his name, number, and enough information to run a Google background check. He was just married a few months ago to a man but made no mention of this.

Sadly, this is a lot more frequent than one would imagine. I sometimes, due to body dysmorphic disorder, blame singleness on my appearance, wishing that I were a few inches taller, had hair like a Disney prince and cheekbones like an Eastern European peasant.

Grindr allows you to state for what purpose you are using its software. With so many headless torsos bolstering their LinkedIn connections in the wee hours of the morning, one would imagine gays to have solved the problem of unemployment. I never initiate conversation on any dating site or app, whatsoever. Fearing rejection, I prefer to let interested parties come to me.

No Strings Attached, but it...

Of course this means that I receive a fair amount of unwanted attention, which I usually deal with by not responding. Masculine is obviously a subjective term, but if I can see the shiny sparkle of your lip-gloss then I have a slight contention.

NSA Means No Strings Attached

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People are unabashed about their drug use. Even really attractive men with perfect bodies are single.

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