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Reading in the dark seamus deane online dating


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Ross Oedipus in Derry: In Irish lore, woman is all things to be admired and all things to be feared. But no such healing occurs; in Deane's imagination his mother remains, until her death, a shadowy, unreachable figure who cannot forgive the son who has investigated her secret life.

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Reading in the Dark is, finally, an angry book, a protest against the mother and the Mother Ireland that rejected the son who loved her. In Reading in the Dark, as in Oedipus Rex, shame and fear of feminine power play important roles in thwarting the development of a talented male.

Deane naturally knows that the family secret has become a familiar leitmotif in Irish fiction. For instance, Joyce's "The Dead" turns on Gretta Conroy's long-kept secret about a former lover whose death has cast a shadow over her "Reading in the dark seamus deane online dating." Richard Ellmann has said "that the dead do not stay buried is, in fact, a theme of Joyce from the beginning to the end of his work. Shades and ghosts of the past play a prominent role in Joyce; it is little wonder that Deane, on whom the Joycean influences are clear, uses a similar technique.

Its protagonist learns the danger of being an intellectual, a seeker of truth, in the enclosed world of Northern Ireland where the truth can destroy families.

His own desire to learn the truth compels him: But, at the same time, I wanted to know everything.

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In breaking through the silences that dominate his family, the young protagonist of Reading in the Dark is actually seeking a way to break through the oppression that is a fact of life in Northern Ireland.

If knowing is indeed the most important action in the book, then it is also closely related to another action central to this family's history of secrets and illusions: Being an informer is the most serious act of betrayal within this politically polarized community.

That discovery drives a wedge between the boy and his family--especially his mother--and leads to his exile. It particularly vexes him that he cannot know exactly when his mother gained full knowledge of the story, or whether her failure to disclose the truth means that she still has strong feelings for McIlhenny, the real informer. Reading in the dark seamus deane online dating

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In critiquing this tendency to conceal family secrets, the novel makes a villain of the character most determined to maintain silence, the mother. Deane's narrator is, too young to understand the sexual implications of his enthrallment, but the book dramatizes the parallels between his sexual and intellectual coming of age.

As Deane makes clear, the politics of Northern Ireland influence even the most intimate of relationships. The mother's ghostly quality suggests Madelon Sprengnether's depiction of the "spectral mother," a haunting figure in the male imagination who is as intensely associated with death as with birth. Sprengnether describes such a figure as the object of [the male's] fascinated gaze, at the same time that she elicits a desire to possess and to know.

In her disappearing act, she evades and frustrates his attempts at grand theory at the same time that she lures him, like a fata morgana, into the mists of metapsychology.

Deane has set the scene just outside the parents' bedroom, where the boy can hear Reading in the dark seamus deane online dating sounds as the ticking of the clock and "the wind breathing through the chimney" RD 2. Like the boy in Joyce's "Araby" who is aroused by the prospect of bearing his chalice through a throng of foes for his imagined love, Deane's protagonist is enthralled by his potential "Reading in the dark seamus deane online dating" as rescuer.

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