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I work in the field of psychiatry.

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Because being gay is bad, apparently. That would be classed as a very sinister superpower. This issue has come up again for what is possibly the 12,,nd time for several reasons.

What causes people to be...

There was a recent study that suggests homosexuality is linked to the X chromosomeso is therefore genetic, ie inherent, not a choice. On top of this, Stephen Fry has recently revealed his engagement to partner Elliot Spencer. But why is this so persistent? Firstly, what makes people think homosexuality is a choice in the first place?

Most cite religious beliefs, although the notion that religion is flat-out opposed to homosexuality is far from accurateand getting more uncertain as time progresses. Old style prejudice and paranoia seem to be more involved here. You could also blame the media, and there may be some validity in this. And some people choose homosexuality.

Presumably this is some time during adolescence when sexual maturity really kicks in, and you know what teenagers are like. Is choosing homosexuality just another example of a desire to not conformlike shaving your head or wearing outlandish clothes?