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Overcoming the habit of masturbation


Female masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of A while ago, I wrote two articles on Masturbation, self-pleasuring, sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure.

The stimulation may involve objects, sex toys, hands, fingers or a combination. For some it is a routine Overcoming the habit of masturbation relieving stress, clearing the mind, a way to find good sleep, a pleasure seeking habit that eventually turns into an addiction. The response to these articles has been overwhelming to say the least.

It is clear that many young men are sufferi1ng in silence, not sure what to do.

In their discovering their sexuality, they got caught up with the addiction. There is hope and yes, one can overcome masturbation. A reader has requested that I share his testimony, once, he was caught in the jaws of Masturbation and is happy to let you know that he is over the addiction, desires to share his story "Overcoming the habit of masturbation" that you too can find healing from this deadly habit that will eventually destroy your life and rob you your God given gift.

He shares his insights and experiences so that those that have not indulged ever do and those that are already in the thick of it understand that it is not a life sentence. James graciously shares his life overcoming masturbation so as to help others contending with the vise overcome the same; Overcoming the habit of masturbation started as a joke after I finished my high school out of curiosity and from stories and reading some articles and hormones stimuli pressed me on.

Know when to seek help....

When I began masturbation, I had no idea that I would become addicted nor did I know the consequences that it would have in my life. While in college a tech survey student who owned a phone and laptop, introduced me to porn.

At first, I was disgusted but later enticed; it became what I looked forward to watching. I got addicted and from then on, it was what I did every week, eventually every day and perfected the act to twice a day, how I enjoyed it!

After college, I continued with the vise even when I lived with relatives and did not have any interest in dating, unless it was an opportunity thrown at me for sex.

Masturbation: How to break from...

Overcoming the habit of masturbation I spent hours alone in the house, in my bedroom, in the bathroom, in bed, every time I had an opportunity to be alone; masturbation was the name of the game! It was my friend, companion and yes I did enjoy it greatly. Although I enjoyed the process, it left me feeling ashamed, guilty and afraid of being caught. When I Overcoming the habit of masturbation to engage with women, I was abusive.

It became uncontrollable and I must admit it is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. When I eventually married, because it is the noble thing to do when a man is of age, I did not stop, my wife could not satisfy my thrust, so the bathroom became my favorite sport and did it before showering every day. My marriage was on the rocks, my life devastated, my shame and guilt overwhelming I had nowhere to turn.

When I came to the realization that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, I began my healing journey. I would like to share the following tips with you who is struggling; 1. Don't spend time in the bathroom alone, leave the door open and communicate when you are in there for accountability. Whatever you do avoid being alone, when you know that you are vulnerable.

Don't watch soups operas and movie with sexual content or read romantic books that will stretch your imagination, read edifying personal development material.

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