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Tepak sireh online dating


Maybe, you have seen someone in some Asian villages, with a little red or brown thing, sticking on the side of his mouth. And when he talks to you, you noticed his mouth is blood red.

This oral "habit" is called "Makan Sireh" or Eat Sireh. It is practiced in one way or the other by all variants of Malays, Indians and ethnic races in Sabah. Tepak Sireh is a metallic container, usually from brass or copper, to keep all the accessories and ingredients of Tepak sireh online dating sireh. To make sireh, you need to get the just matured sireh or betel leaf.

This photo from Sabah, East...

Preferably leave which is light green and pliable. On the leaf, dab a small amount of kapor or Calcium Carbonate. For a little "kick", dab a small amount of gambir with the kapor. Fold the leaf into a bitesize package.

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