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Christian dating 5 warning signs of an abusive man


Domestic violence affects a staggering number of individuals annually.

According to a leading non-profit abuse program, 1 in 4 women will become victims of abuse in relationships, and men are also victims of at least 3 million physical assaults in the home Safe Horizon.

Not only do these instances of abuse leave behind many physical and emotional scars, but they also seriously impact children in the home, and domestic violence is a leading contributor to homelessness, substance abuse, and other problems.

Abuse consists of patterns of behavior against the victim that inflict pain and seek to control him or her.

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While many victims of domestic abuse have stated that the one who hurt them was once loving or they never believed he or she was capable of being an abuser, in most cases there are red flags that we should all be aware of to prevent ourselves or the ones we love from becoming victimized.

Here are five key warning signs of abusive behavior to protect yourself from. An abuser will often become very jealous upon seeing you talk to members of the opposite sex or others they might suspect you could have a relationship with.

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An abuser may try to limit your interactions with friends or family, make you feel guilty about being away from them, or check in on you frequently while you are away or gets angry with you for no responding as quick or often as they would like.

If your partner has a pattern of lashing out at you, then making excuses for their behavior, this could be a red flag. An abuser has difficulty taking responsibility for their own actions and will often blame their temper, drugs or alcohol, or even you for what they say or do.

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