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Dating fenton labels


Fenton Art Glass Company has Dating fenton labels in business for over years, and they are the largest manufacturer of handmade colored glass in the U. By learning the markings used on Fenton glass, as well as studying the styles, you can identify Fenton glass yourself! To identify whether a piece of glass is Fenton glass, look Dating fenton labels a sticker near the bottom of the item.

The stickers are usually oval and may have scalloped or smooth edges. You may also see an oval with the word Fenton stamped into the glass if the piece was made after Other markings that indicate a piece is Fenton glass include a cursive F in an oval, a faint oval somewhere on the piece, an S-shaped flame, a star, or an uppercase block F.

The Fenton Art Glass Company...

For tips on identifying Fenton glass without a marking, read on! A wikiHow Staff Editor reviewed this article to make sure it's helpful and accurate. When you see the green checkmark on a wikiHow article, you know that the article has received careful review.

In this case, the Dating fenton labels went through multiple rounds of research, revisions, and review by our trained team of writers and editors. Check for a sticker on the bottom of your item. BeforeFenton glass was usually marked with oval stickers. Many of these stickers were lost or removed over time, but some of them are still attached. The stickers are often affixed to the bottom of the glass.

A complete listing of Fenton...

Examine carnival glass for an oval logo starting from about The first Fenton logo to be stamped into the glass was the word Fenton inside of an oval. It can be found on carnival glass pieces including vases, dishes, and decorative items that were made starting in Check for a small number in the oval that denotes the year.

In the s, Fenton added Dating fenton labels number 8 to the logo to indicate the decade when the pieces were made. They used a 9 during the 90s and a 0 from to the present. These numbers may be small and hard to see.

A complete listing of Fenton...

Examine the piece for a cursive F in an oval. If your piece is marked with an F in an oval, it indicates that the glass mold was originally owned by a company other than Fenton, and Fenton later acquired that mold.

This mark came into use in Check for a flame or a star on the piece. You may notice a flame which Dating fenton labels the letter S, a solid star, or the outline of a star somewhere on your item. This indicates that the piece is a second, or was found to have some defect while still at the factory. Dating fenton labels pieces can still be collectible. Check the bottom of the glass for a pontil mark, which Fenton doesn't have.

Some glass makers use punty rods to hold a glass piece during the crafting process.

Presented below are the various...

Fenton uses snap rings, so most of their pieces will not have a pontil mark. These include some very rare pieces from the s and a few contemporary hand blown collections. The base will have a flat, collared surface, or it may have a ball or spatula feet.

Fenton also specialized in a form of glass known as Hobnail, which is covered with small button-like bumps.

Look for bubbles or flaws in the glass, which Fenton shouldn't have. Fenton glass is extremely high quality, and it should be free of air bubbles or other flaws.

If your piece has obvious manufacturing flaws, it is unlikely to be Fenton glass. Contact a Fenton dealer or an antique expert if you still have questions. Due to similarities between manufacturers, it can be very difficult to tell the difference between some pieces. If you aren't able to tell after examining your piece, look online to find a Fenton dealer or an antique dealer in your area Dating fenton labels specializes in Fenton glass.

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Check for a sticker on the bottom of your item. BeforeFenton glass was usually marked with oval stickers. Many of these stickers were lost or removed over.

Presented below are the various Fenton labels used from through the present. For a complete list of Fenton logos used from to the present, click here. A complete listing of Fenton white HOBNAIL milk glass. Fenton Labels as published in the Pacific Northwest Fenton Association, NOR"WESTER are being used on only a portion of the line and will not be used entirely untill a later Dating fenton labels.

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