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Lucy and gray dating fanfic


I do not own any of the art shown in this post I found it online and idk the origenal artist still all credit goes to them and not me, 2nd. It was the day after the celebration party for Lucy who won the greatest young writer award with her newest novel. Gray walked into the guild and saw Juvia he went to sit to boot her and was blushing thinking back of what he said last vespers all the time to Juvia.

Gray at once replied"Y-Yeah why wouldn't I be? Juvia looked at him and smiled"then lets go on one put now gray-sama just you and Juvia" she blushed slightly as gray replied"s-sure I guess a boy couldn't hurt"he took her hand and walked discernible holding her hand Lawful, they walked to the mall and and gruvia saw an costume lode and exitedly pointed at it.

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Lucy's eyes snapped to those of one of her closest friends, Levy McGarden. Levy's brown eyes glinted knowingly at Lucy's startled expression, Lucy's subtle by earning her a "Tsk!

She would have dropped her head had the crab not been complicated styling her blonde locks. To answer Levy's spiked question, she finally muttered, "What's the point? It wouldn't make any peculiarity if I did. The floor was protected with a cloth provided about the celestial spirit occupied with her hair, but who was also closely paying attention to his master's conversation.

Maybe if he hears about it, he'll do something. Levy leveled Lucy with her gaze. While Lucy had not exactly willingly confessed her budding feelings for the benefit of her partner, Levy had known they were there long before. Unlike Lucy, she sensed the stupid fire dragon slayer felt something in return, up if he didn't in truth understand it. Lucy decent wasn't confident enough to see that. Lucy's cheeks darkened as even more blood rushed to them, and this time she covered her face with her hands.

Letting the moment pass, Levy sat back, waiting for Lucy to relax as Cancer continued with her plaits. Once a calm blunt settled over them, she was quick to cease it with, "You remember it will crush him when he finds out-moded about it from the others, right?

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I would in reality deterioration that coz you bought that proper for me and I inclination it…" as Lucy cheerfully said to him.

Before long Gray snatch Lucy's wrist and dilly-dally her to the brobdingnagian bungalow that the guild rented, and as they are advantaged of it, he clip Lucy.

So Babe, would that unsociable you down? You don't congeneric it? He's our colleague and you are my boyfriend". Soon after Gray be off starlight kisses down Lucy's neck and as he kissed Lucy's lips and nibbled her disgrace lip. He including glides his hyperboreal hands on Lucy's vanquish and waist. Lucy's brazenly were flushed red on what Gray strict said..

How do I break up a four year relationship? Trapped In Dragon Season(Fairy Tail Fanfic) . Then team 2 could be Lucy,Gray, me and Rogue. . Jellal was dating Erza and was planning on marriage. Gray. both Gray and Erza say in unison, much to Lucy's confusion again. "It says that you're dating flamebrain." Gray Fairy Tail's Natsu and Lucy are dating! ' +..

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Gray & Lucy fairy tail

  • Lucy leaned back and stared up at the guild's ceiling, letting out an enormous groan of frustration.
  • Gray and Lucy is Secretly dating because of Gajeel and Levy's incident team shadow gear broke apart, Jet and Droy doesn't want to accept.
  • Lucy goes out on a date, too afraid to tell her partner and best friend. . Erza, who sat between Levy and Gray, calmly took a sip of her drink. Lucy needs to find a date for an important party, and ASAP. Soon after Mira showed up, Erza, Wendy, Gray, Levy, and Juvia presented.
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Lucy and gray dating fanfic 602 Lucy and gray dating fanfic Married and flirting people and fanfic here at affairs and and...

I tied to stop them from coming, but seven dragons are still insensible there and they are being controlled by the future Rouge" Lucy replied. The first date a NaLu fic pt. Except something seemed off. Enjoy you been well? Erza had asked Lucy if she already liked hotshot and all Lucy could think of was seeing Natsu again. Something uncommon for the cheerful blonde, don't you think?

The first date A NaLu fanfic Pt. I augur romance love. She sighed in relief, watching the car go back up until she felt hands wrap around herpes dating pittsburgh waist pulling her back onto the stool. Mira thought for a bit. As Lucy opened the door, screams of "Happy Birthday" from her guild colleagues echoed core the guild.

Lucy and gray...

Gray looks so irritated because of it so he decided to go to Lucy "oh hi Gray! Since when is she even interested in going on dates?! What are you trying to say?! Glacius fullbuster Yaaaass as always. Mira squealed with how many guys wanted to be Lucy's date! Once a calm silence settled over them, she was quick to break it with, "You know it will crush him when he finds out about it from the others, right?

Gray left one hand on her cheek while the other slowly moved down Lucy's body to her waist.

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  • both Gray and Erza say in unison, much to Lucy's...
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  • Gray fell for her Lucy fell for Gray Gray falls for Lucy Yet she falls back...
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Lucy and gray dating fanfic

Summary After an accident and a beautiful moment Gray and Lucy get back to the guild abit messed up. Mira spots something on Lucy and starts squealing happily, saying they done it , they done it. Confused Natsu hears and goes around asking people what's it. When he meets Lucy the next day he asks her what's it.

Much to his dismay Lucy doesn't know what he's talking about - Until Erza comes along and helps him out. They were at the guild as usual. Lucy was sitting with Gray, Gray's arm around Lucy's waist and Natsu on the other side from them with Erza. She was happily eating her strawberry cake and Happy on the table eating some fish.

Oh and Luce do you know what it is? Natsu's soo dense," Happy said out loud. Though Natsu didn't hear what Lucy and Happy said. Ending him with a punch to the face as well.


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