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Rin kagamine dating sim


Okay all you lonely girls! Your favorite male Vocaloids are here to make your hearts a little warmer and your day a little brighter. I know the loneliness of being a single girl while all of your friends have BFs, so I'm making this for all of you who are like me.

You walk home from school, when Rin kagamine dating sim boy with a hoodie covering his face runs up to you. I don't want to deal with them today. Stunned, you nod and begin a normal sounding conversation as you continue on your walk.

Within minutes, huge streams of paparazzi are going by. The boy seemed to be avoiding their gaze. His voice sounds familiar. When all of the paparazzi pass, the boy removes his hood revealing golden spiky hair tied in a ponytail and sparkling ocean blue eyes.

You try your best to hold in your fangirlish shriek.

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Rin kagamine dating sim Len appears to be deep in thought. We'll go on a date tomorrow in the park. How does that sound? Len smirks and says, "See you tomorrow at four. Your secret crush since you first discovered Vocaloid just asked you out on a date! You go the rest of the way to your house in the best mood you've ever been in. This will be great. The next day you show up at the park in a simple light teal blouse, Rin kagamine dating sim, and white wedge sandals.

He's wearing a pair of fake glasses, a dress shirt, a maroon tie, jeans, and dress shoes. Len takes your arm and the two of you go for a stroll through the park. Afterwards, the two of you decide to get ice cream. You think this might have been a tradition brought on by years spent with Kaito, but you don't mind.

Ice cream is always good. However, the two of you only have enough money for one ice cream cone. You blush a bit, embarrassed that you didn't bring more cash, but Len shakes his head.

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You look through the list and spot your favorite flavor almost immediately. Len nods and orders one banana chocolate cone and takes it over Rin kagamine dating sim the table where you are already sitting. You smile and nod, not spotting Len's trick. You eat away at your half of the ice cream as Len eats his half. Without you realizing it, your lips have grown close.

Suddenly, you feel Len's lips on yours through the cold of the ice cream. You gasp a little at the sudden contact, allowing Len's tongue entrance to your mouth.

Your tongues fight for dominance, but Len's wins. You continue to kiss until the ice cream begins to melt and you feel drops on your hand. You pull away, but your lips are still connected by a strand of saliva.


You discard the melted ice cream cone and leave to go to the riverbank. As you walk towards the river, Len has his arm loosely around your waist.

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