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Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating


Although I am done with CVS for good in the process I was able to earn Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating pharmacy technician license and certification.

There are much better career options out there than becoming a pharmacy technician. Since there are shortages in these career fields the compensation rates are much better than a pharmacy technicians. However, the ideal place for a pharmacy technician is in a hospital setting preferably or in a long term care facility which fills medication on time dosage cards. Brandon in San Francisco, California.

Hours now cut down to 24 a week. I'm a certified and licensed tech but was hired as pharmacy service associate and told it will take 1 year before they will upgrade me to tech.

This company does not care about employees whatsoever. Not to mention them short-staffing and then having to deal with customers who are ticked off because they have to wait longer due to there not being enough people staffed in the pharmacy. ReginaM in Los Angeles, California. I did my externship at CVS and discovered that the type of person that I will have to deal with will be the same as a customer service caller except that they are on drugs.

I can handle it. Due to poor training and working conditions. That is the gamble retail pharmacies are taking so good luck with that scenario. I worked as the help desk or tech support for cvs caremark for almost 7 years sure we started as EHS then Pharmacare but when you close up your best help desk for one not doing as well as the numbers showed it showed company politics not based on helping the company.

Tia in Hampton, Georgia said: Today I will be going to work with my two weeks notice in hand to personally deliver it to the pharmacy manager. I am a certified pharmacy technician at CVS who has been abused since starting in June of last year.

I previously worked for the Kroger pharmacy, and although it wasnt the Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating experiance it sure was a heck of a lot better than CVS. As previously stated, I am a certified tech. I am stuck at the register all day and Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating refuse to rotate. There are many unethical practices going on along with the lead technician dating another tech and together, the two of them assume they are supreme beings and over everyone else.

Every tech in the place kisses their butt and its ridiculous; "Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating" refuse to do it, so the girlfriend of the lead tech is constantly on my case about any and everything. The pharmacy manager sees whats going on and does nothing about it, and the assistant pharmacist partakes in gossip and constantly talks crap about everyone in the place behind everyone elses back, and frankly I am sick of the drama.

I spoke with the district manager about being transfered to another pharmacy and he said he'd call me back but never did. The last straw for me was when my mother needed surgery out of town so I requested a few days off to the pharmacist that makes the schedule. I come back and my hours are cut to 12hrs a week!

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Also, a tech called me and let me know that my mothers illness was being discussed with everyone. I only get paid 8. DenaDina in Elk Grove, California.

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Your experience rings very true, however, believe me when I say that Walgreen's is no different at all. Walgreen's has the same atmosphere that you described at CVS. One thing I can add, to all of the above, is the filth that I encountered.

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The bathroom in the Walgreen's pharmacy, where I completed my externship, looked as if it hasn't been cleaned in years! It was absolutely disgusting!!! I actually would wait until my lunch break and run across the street to use the bathroom at McDonalds! Jonnyde1 in Mooresville, Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating Carolina. All I can say is no retail pharmacy is going to treat or pay any pharmacy technicians well. The corporations that run them are not ever going to pay a technician well no matter what certification.

All they care is that you get the work done, just use you until you realize nothing is ever going to change and leave. Then they just start the whole process over with a new hire.

Nothing will ever change unless pharmacy technicians form a national union and are recognized as an important part of the pharmacy. We actually do most of the work.

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The pharmacist just went to school for an ungodly amount of time to learn what a computer can tell them now anyway. The are definitely overpaid for the amount of work that they do, it is all about their responsibility.

It is a good job to have while looking for another job or going to school for some other career. I worked in retail pharmacy for 7 years and it will never change until the techs have some kind of real representation like carpenters unions or plumber unions or any other service type union. I can honestly say that all the retail chains Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating not good places to work.

The environment seems to be that the good employees end up leaving and the bad employees stay because it is easy and they get paid for really not contributing to the work.

It isn't a hard job just the way it is run makes it an extremely stressful job. And that is what makes it not worth little amount of money you get paid. I was offerer 8. Shawna in Diana, Texas.

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Everything that has been said is completely true! I left because on top of all the stress, I was pregnant and was put on bed rest in the hospital for a month until my daughter was born.

No one ever "Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating" to check on me to see how things were going. After I had my daughter, no one ever called to say congratulations or anything. I had worked there for 16 years! Talk about not caring for your employees. If you didn't take your vacation or personal days you lost them. But eckerd never told you this. Most employees had trouble with the company. I've been reading the comments about working as a pharmacy tech. I have questions that I would like some feedback on.

I'm thinking about going back to school to learn to be a pharmacy tech - certified. I'm 59 and can no longer sit behind a desk and keyboard as an export sales coordinator all day long. Feedback and comments please. Eileen in Largo, Florida. By far retail is the worst invirement, one reason the pharmacy technician is the lowest man on the totum pole and is subject to the Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating educated pharmacists who concider them selves the most valuable person working in a retail store.

Lets look at their value, the pharmacist is responsible for everything that happens in the pharmacy, and everything a technician does reflects what the pharmacist is doing or not doing.

The technician answers the phone, waits on the customers, fills the prescriptions, cleans the pharmacy, empties the garbage, puts away the once Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating week truck order, Pharmacy dispensing software lots of fish dating the prescription label, bills the customers insurancegreets the customer at the drop off window, tells the customer the pharmacist will be right with them when needed to be counciled or have a question for the pharmacist, also technicians order the needed medications, keep inventory stock to the proposed level, faxes doctors for refill requests, and medication overrides if the medication is not covered by the customers insurance, restockes the filling station and restocks what the pharmacist needs on their checking station, answers the drive thru window calls, helps the customer with picking up the prescriptions at the pick up window, directs customers to OTC medications they are requestiog.

Last by not least stand in front of the pharmacist if a bullet is fired so they are not killed. The only function the pharmacist preforms and is very very important is the final check, of the prescription. I'm currently a student just working to get some experience; I'm certified through PTCB and is licensed to work in a pharmacy. My word of advice to you: I can surely assure you that you can go to any pharmacy and they'll still hire you! I didn't go, so how was I able to pass the test?

Well, let me tell you: She told me when some of the retail pharmacies went to Everest and told them "it's a waste of money " and it's a waste of your time,too!

Let me know if you want the link to study it has all the necessary info. As a matter of fact, here's the link for you to study. Go to your nearest public library and borrow a pharm tech study guide. ANY book is fine. Why waste money on even buying a book when you borrow it for free? I borrowed mine at my school's library to study.

I'm not in pharmacy school yet,but everything Eileen comment below your comment is true. There are certain places that make you hate pharmacists,but there are other pharmacists who don't look down on those who "knows" have a knowledge of what you know what you're doing.

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YOu just have to watch out for those pharmacists who make you count tablets all the time. I've met some pharmacists who won't even touch a counting tray, except for verification.

I'm not going to name names here,but you just have to know that being certified DOES get you recognized. YOu know how they "knew? So long story short, follow my advices and you'll thank me later.

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