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Jenn burton dating & romance coach


Effective Social Media Marketing. Attracting and seducing your perfect client is actually very similar to dating, and ultimately more about you than them. If done with integrity you will become an irresistible powerhouse in your field. Using these seven tips will captivate a client base that not only gets you giddy but will keep paying you time and time again.

Never underestimate the need to define your target market audience. I definitely suggest keeping an open mind to the different possibilities of your audience, but I would never omit these 3 super adjectives. Just like in dating, defining what you want will magically weed out many undesirable matches and create space for your ideal client to reach you.

Subtle cues can create feelings of instant connection and understanding. Do Jenn burton dating & romance coach that I said subtle, not forced and certainly not obvious. Also using these techniques can help with any anxiety or nervousness you might feel during client interactions because it gives your body a task that makes you focus on another person. I am a southern gal born and raised; when someone who wants me as a client speaks to me with an extreme rate of speed I instinctively become skeptical about our compatibility.

If I am skeptical, then of course it will take them longer to establish the needed like, know, and trust factor. Sometimes no matter what you do a client will not be happy with the services you provide, just like sometimes Jenn burton dating & romance coach never develops between two people.

In dating, we will attract the same type of person repeatedly until we are consistent with saying no to the qualities we no longer want in our lives. Attracting your perfect client mates requires the same consistency.

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