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Oldboy is a American neo noir film, and a remake of Park Chan-wook 's South Korean film of the same name. The film was released on November 27, The film was a box office bombwith one of the worst financial performances of Lee's directing career. Inalcoholic advertising executive, Joe Doucett, becomes intoxicated and before passing out, sees a woman with a yellow umbrella. When he wakes, he finds himself locked within a hotel room.

His unseen captors provide him with food and hygiene items, but do not explain why he is captive. Joe sees a news report that says his ex-wife Donna was raped and murdered and he is the prime suspect, while their infant daughter Mia was adopted.

Oldboy is a American neo...

Over the next twenty years, Joe works himself into shape, compiles a list of all those who would want to imprison him, and writes letters to eventually give to Mia. One day, he sees an interview with Mia, who says she would forgive her father if she ever saw him.

Joe is drugged shortly thereafter, and wakes to find himself outside with a cell phone and a small amount of money. He spots the woman with the yellow umbrella and gives chase, but ends up running into Marie Sebastian, a nurse that offers to help. He refuses but takes her business card. Joe goes to his friend Chucky, and explains what has transpired.

While there, Joe gets a call on his cell phone from a man calling himself the Stranger, mocking him. Joe spends a great deal of effort to determine if any of the men on his list are the Stranger, but they all prove to be innocent. Joe collapses from dehydration, and Chucky calls Marie to help. While he recovers, Marie is taken emotionally by Joe's letters to Mia, and offers to help him further. She is able to help identify a Chinese restaurant that Joe's food came from while imprisoned.

Joe follows a delivery from the restaurant to a warehouse where he was imprisoned, and meets Chaney, its owner. Joe tortures Chaney into confessing that the Stranger arranged for his imprisonment. On return to Chucky's bar, Joe finds the Stranger there with the woman with the yellow umbrella, his bodyguard Haeng-Bok.

Joe learns that Chaney and his men are seeking revenge by attacking Marie, and he races there, only to be captured by Chaney.

Just as Chaney is about to beat him savagely, the Stranger calls Chaney and offers to pay him for Joe's release, and Chaney lets them go. Marie recognizes the ringtone from the Stranger as the theme song to Evergreen Academy, where Joe attended. At the school, they look through yearbooks; Joe recognizes one student, Adrian Doyle Pryce, and recalls tormenting his sister, Amanda, for her promiscuity, which led to rumors that their father, Arthur, had incestuous relations with them both.

As a result, Arthur moved them to Luxembourgbut later murdered his wife and Amanda and committed suicide. Adrian, who has cloned Joe's phone, overhears the conversation, and enraged by Chucky's contempt of him, kills Chucky before Joe can arrive. Joe hides Marie in a hotel for her safety, and they end up having sexual intercourseunaware Adrian is watching through hidden cameras.

Joe goes to Adrian's penthouse, "40 days of dating movie with will smith" Haeng-Bok, and confronts Adrian. Adrian congratulates him, giving him the diamonds and escorting him to where Mia is.

However, Adrian asks Joe to think why he had 40 days of dating movie with will smith Joe go in the first place, and shows that the interview with Mia was all a set-up, and "Mia" was a paid actress. Adrian shows Joe that Marie is really his daughter and had engineered events to this point to make Joe feel what it is like to lose everything.

Adrian then fulfills his promise and commits suicide. Shaken, Joe writes Marie a letter saying they can never see each other again, and leaves her most of the diamonds, using the rest to pay Chaney to return him to the captivity of the hotel room. An American remake of Oldboy previously had director Justin Lin attached. On July 11,Mandate Pictures sent a press release stating that Spike Lee would direct a remake of the South Korean film ignoring the earlier version's adaptation of the manga with a screenplay written by Protosevich.

Jackson [21] and Nate Parker [22] were all later announced to have joined the cast.

Parker was later replaced by James Ransonedue to a scheduling conflict. Principal photography began in October Spike Lee's version was minutes long, but the producers heavily re-edited the film to minutes [25] [26] re-edits by producers also included the "one-shot hammer" scene [27] ; Lee and Josh Brolin were unhappy with it.

With Will Smith, Stockard Channing,...

Oldboy received mixed reviews from critics. As of June 4,it has received a vote of 5.