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The faces behind popular memes about dating


In fact, we get SO attached to them in meme form, we kind of forget that the thing that made them famous is maybe not such a good idea. Can you imagine how hard it would be to date or get a job if you were known online as Scumbag Steve?

So, in an effort to peel back and reveal the people behind the meme, check out how your 15 of favorites came to be, and where they are now. Why season your food like a normal person when you can season like SaltBae? Once the Internet caught sight of Salt Bae flamboyantly sprinkling and sensually rubbing down meat, everyone found themselves more thirsty for him than for whatever he was cooking!

Since his explosive meme, Salt Bae has been imitated by celebrities, fans, in art, and parodied as people like Donald Trump and Tom Brady. The female counterpart to the felon who stole our hearts, Jeremy Meeks who is now making bank as a male modelMeagan "The faces behind popular memes about dating" was similarly breaking hearts and taking names with a steamy mug shot that saw the pretty woman giving a Tyra Banks-level smize to the camera, despite being in an orange jumpsuit.

Despite getting tons of wedding proposals after her mug shot made the rounds on the Internet, McCullough who now goes by Simmons seems busy with her four kids and a look that appears a bit different from her attractiveconvict days. She even met with President Barack Obama, where he tried to imitate her signature expression for a photo op!

Since her time as a gymnast, Maroney has gracefully bowed out of the sport in after receiving a series of injuries and follow-up surgeries. Perhaps now McKayla will have something to look impressed about! Phil Show in September when she was just Now 14, Bregoli charges for appearances and has her own online store where she sells meme-inspired merch. Remember the guy who was impossibly good looking and put together in the middle of a 10k marathon?

It turns out that the popularity of the image featuring a man that stole the hearts of women everywhere, Zeddie Little what a name! Like a lot of memes, someone spotted it, shared it on Reddit, and the rest is pretty much history! After media outlets desperately tried to track him down, they discovered that Little was in a committed relationship and very much enjoying his job in public relations.

In an interview with Good Morning America"The faces behind popular memes about dating" said that he had been waving to friends on the sidelines, which is why he looked so cheerful!

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Oh, Alex from Target, the meme that had girls everywhere begging their moms to take them to the superstore for something a little more exciting than killer deals. Is it that surprising that Hipster Barista, aka Dustin Mattson, is actually not so thrilled with his rise to Internet stardom?

It turns out that College Freshman was actually a college freshman! The photo was taken in Kiritsy graduated inand everything seems to have gone back to normal for the guy who was the poster kid for everything first-year students do wrong.

Would it shock you to know that Scumbag Steve "The faces behind popular memes about dating" actually kind of a scumbag in real life?

In real life, Scumbag Steve — who actually goes by Blake Boston — became the unwitting subject of a cruel yet hilarious meme when his own mother snapped a photo of him when he was unaware, and the meme of the guy who shows up a party empty-handed and cheats on his girlfriend was born.

At the time, the teenage Boston was pretty pissed at being turned into an online joke, and even flipped off people who asked if he was in fact the meme that made him famous. He even pretended to be Scumbag Steve for the benefit of rap videos he posted on YouTube! Now, Boston is a dad to two boys and working as an entertainer and rapper.

The poster girl for creepy, obsessive girlfriends everywhere, Overly Attached Girlfriend had a lot of people scared for their personal safety with her wide eyes and even wider smile. Morris ended up being the creator of her own fame, it seemed, "The faces behind popular memes about dating" even though a screengrab of her video is what started the meme, Morris was actually in on the joke the entire time! An entertainer through and through, Morris took the meme the Internet gave her and totally ran with it, giving her a lasting dose of fame and notoriety that is too funny to look away from!

Poor Bad Luck Brian! The brace-faced kid with a plaid vest became a meme after his friend uploaded his seventh-grade photo simply because he thought it was funny. And boy, was he right!

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Bad Luck Brian, who was forced to head to the front of the class with an erection and whose parents divorced but no one wanted custody, is actually named Kyle Craven, and he was introduced to online stardom in Another awkward adolescent, The faces behind popular memes about dating Girl got her start on the Internet with a photo that showed her getting a touch too excited over a bunch of Goosebumps books. The girl behind the meme is actually Maggie Goldenberger, and the photo was taken when she was Now 27, Goldenberger first heard about her Internet fame when she was backpacking through India, and her friends were delighted with her new identity as the Ermahgerd!

The upside for her though is that, 16 years after the photo was taken, few people even recognize her anymore! The ideal meme for when you wanted to express your dismay over limited salad bar toppings or the fact that only one kind of white wine was available at the restaurant you went to, First World Problems Girl seems to live as charmed a life in real life as in her meme!

A model by the name of Silvia Bottini, the nowyear-old from Italy also leveraged The faces behind popular memes about dating good looks into acting, appearing in Italian productions of Romeo and Juliet and Alice in Wonderland. It was her father who snapped the photo and uploaded it three years later, it was then selected for publication in a issue of JPG Magazine. Since her time as the girl with the devilish grin, Disaster Girl who was four years old at the time and whose real name is Zoe Roth is all grown up and pretty cool with being the face of Disaster Girl — to a point.

Although the image was just of Griner holding a fistful of sand at the beach, once it made its way onto MySpace, Reddit, and a Russian Photoshop thread, he was turned into Success Kid. Good news for Success Kid: From Grease To Gotti: Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

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Here are the faces behind some of the most common memes you have YouTube challenge for fans to create their own version as "Girlfriend. Here are the stories of people who woke up one day, Internet famous.

Behind the Memes: 10 Ordinary People Who Went Viral Overnight Overly Attached Girlfriend is The faces behind popular memes about dating Laina Morris, now the star of her own hilarious.

Her face was turned into a meme, along with the Overly Attached Girlfriend, What does Ylvis, the duo behind the song, look like in real life? youtube The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme has been seen a few million times.