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Sharla and einshine dating after divorce


Started by chuutohanpa10 Jun Posted 10 Jun She is 30 years old, married, and quit her old job to focus on YouTube full time. She was known as one of Mira's best friends up until the sock puppet drama occurred. Ever since becoming very good friends with Taylor, Sharla seems to have changed her thumbnails to copy Taylor's style.

Although Sharla moved to the countryside with her husband, she frequently visits Tokyo and conveniently mooches often stays with Taylor for free. Do let me know if I missed anything or made a mistake and I'll correct it. I think it's due time. I'm not much of a follower of Sharla but it's apparent there's drama between her and her agency forcing her creative career down a path she doesn't like. Seems like something is going to boil over soon. Like 23 or something.

Posted 10 Jun edited. Smart decision, not only because what she said in the tweet but because she still get a small part of the Sharla and einshine dating after divorce generated by her main channel. I hope this is not one those "forced into her" videos, I enjoyed part 1 despite the click bait thumbnail she used.

More like early 20's and she can even sometimes pass as being in her late teens! I think her Instagram is cute. She looks late twenties at least, Japan Times article states she was "Sharla and einshine dating after divorce" in Yes, good decision to keep posting on her main channel, most people watch that than her second channel. But I can't really judge haha. I feel like a lot of 'drama' will start to surface because Sharla is being a lot more vocal about things she is unhappy about, calling out people for being against her going vegan etc.

I don't think she is a bad person but she's been trying to keep that squeaky clean image for too long like trying to be super wholesome when maybe she isn't and now things are slipping through the cracks or she is just too tired or stressed to keep up appearances any longer.

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