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Aom sushar and mike pirat dating divas

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Let me talk about this cute, lovely thai Mike Pirat Mike D. Angelo and Aom Sushar couple: They've been best friends for years. First, they met in a programme and then they started Aom sushar and mike pirat dating divas together.

Their first drama was "Full House" which is Thai version of korean drama which was a big hit. They were so cute together and that drama became a hit in not only Thailand but also other countries. And also the fandom Aomike is appeared. Then they made another drama "Kiss me". That drama was also a hit and the fandom grew bigger and bigger.

They sang two ost together in both dramas. Mike said in interview like "Fans like us together so when I have to shoot with other actresses, the fans comment like why are you cheating on Aom. Dear fans, Mike is an actor and this is the part of my job.

Hope you guys understand: But now we are friends". They support each other like Aom visited Mike's album show and made him happy and Mike surprised Aom with wearing a rabbit suit on Aom's fan meeting. The situation was so great until Mike admitted to the media that his ex girlfriend is having his baby.

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Many haters appeared and call him bad father but most of the fans forgive him. He decided to admit instead of covering that case. On the other hand, Aom cried in interview like "Mike is a good guy. He always kind to others. I feel really sad to hear those bad comments.

And Aom said " when I phoned him to know what's happening, Mike was silent and said that "I'm sorry". I think behind Mike's sorrow, there'd be a lot of meanings.

We all noticed that Mike has feelings for her through his eyes but couldn't read Aom's. They stayed like nothing happened and took Asia Tour together to meet their fans.

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